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A Divine Experience

My time spent at GO FOR WELLNESS was nothing short of a Divine experience.

An intuitive call came to me on Boxing Day 2019 to contact Dora at Go For Wellness who, with her partner Peter, offer wellness modalities at their Wellness Retreat Centre. These two are the most beautiful souls I have had the privilege of being in the company of so far. 

I had made phone contact with Dora by a few times over the year to talk about what they have to offer in the way of healing modalities. Initially, it was to experience the Tachyon Chamber, and after talking to Dora, I realized there were more offerings and I felt it was the place that would offer me what I was looking for in my healing journey. I sensed it would be a place I could call home while I focused on some healing work.  

After several attempts to come to their retreat, I was finally getting the green lights to move forward. I was living in Ontario and took on some contract work in British Columbia for a couple of months and after a few days of returning home, I began to lose my energy and got congested and was feeling very cold at night and was having difficulty sleeping. 

It was holiday time and I wasn’t sure whether they would be offering services during that time, however, I decided to follow my heart to contact Dora and see if I would be able to come and get some healing. They told me they were expecting to take some quiet time during the holiday season and were not having guests at that time, but they agreed to facilitate some healing work with me.

I immediately made travel arrangements and was on my way within two days of that call. This was the beginning of the green lights that lit the way to their wellness retreat.

Eagles graced my path and as they appeared, I knew this was another green light indicating I was moving in the right direction... read more.