O'Neil Testimonial

My first night in Port Alberni was at a place in the uptown area that was arranged by relatives I knew that lived there. I got in on Friday and my first appointment with Dora and Peter was Saturday morning. Peter agreed to meet me at the local mall parking lot so I could follow him to the retreat centre. They wanted to make sure I would get there with ease.

I arrived earlier than the arranged time because I wanted to get some breakfast and eat it in the vehicle while waiting for Peter to arrive. We both had the same inclination to get there early and we connected immediately and so my breakfast was delayed because we were so excited and eager to talk together. After a while, a raven appeared and that signalled it was time to travel on to the wellness centre, as Dora would be waiting.

Following Peter on the country roads with all the twists and turns and beautiful scenery I felt a deep sense of peace and a gentle smile washed over my face. When we got to the home, Peter opened the gate that opened up to a property that sits on one of the most stunning raised properties in the community. Two amazing white dogs came to greet us as we pulled into the driveway, one running beside the vehicle and the other on the other side of the fence running as well.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dora was not able to meet me until a little while later and asked Peter to start me with the Tachyon Chamber and that she would be down as soon as she could. This healing modality was the reason I had travelled so far in the first place and it was a delight to see there were more healing modalities Go For Wellness had to offer.

While Peter was showing me around, both the outside and the inside of the property, I felt the warmth and peaceful ambience of the environment and mentioned how wonderful it would be if I could stay while taking in the healing.

When the tour was done, he took me to the Tachyon Chamber and gently guided me on the process and then left me to experience my session alone as is the routine. It was my first 20 minute session in the Chamber and I immediately went into a meditative state. I had no idea until after the session that Peter had gone to Dora to discuss the options of me being able to stay at their retreat. They agreed and I was filled with gratitude. My prayers for time in a peaceful environment were answered. This environment with the peace and quiet met that and more; it resonated with my needs.

It was a wish come true to stay in such a beautiful relaxing and peaceful place in nature during my sessions that I felt such strong connection with. I felt this would be the most profound way for me to receive the best healing experience that I needed so greatly.  I had undergone so much for so long I had prayed for peace quiet and tranquility for a while now. My body was aching and my feet were feeling weak; I was stuff up in the head and was bringing up mucus from my chest regularly. On top of that, I also had a hernia in my right groin area which was there for a while, and I wanted to be healed naturally without putting the knife to my body. I was wanting a place where I could meditate without any disturbance and gather my thoughts and be able to receive blessings from the Creator.

After the session in the Chamber was over, Peter took me to another healing modality called Light Stream Frequency healing. He explained that this modality would most likely be the one to assist the body in healing the hernia. I did not hesitate to say yes when he offered me some frequency healing sessions; I was truly feeling that I was being guided by Divine each step of the way. I said yes and we got started right away.

Dora was able to join us shortly after the frequency healing session was over. She greeted me with a Divine embrace and welcomed me to their place of healing. She went over some of the other healing services they had to offer such as PSYCH-K ® (re-writing beliefs in the sub-conscious that no longer serve); Chakra Balancing and Numerology reading. Peter also spoke of Sun Rings that are used to help clear negative energy nine layers deep.

It was getting late already, and I needed to get my things from the place I had stayed the night before and get settled in at their retreat.

It was such a blessing to be able to stay with them during my healing journey and to extend my stay so I could take on more healing modalities and really get in deep with the healing which included much needed rest and relaxation. The extension also allowed me to put more time between the Tachyon Chambers. I was going to do two a day and with the time I was given, I could do one session a day and take time.

As each day passed, my strength slowly started to return, and the hernia shrunk bit by bit. The Tachyon Chamber sessions allowed for my dreams to become more potent as I cleared ancestral lineages and other karmic experiences from my life. The Sun Rings were quite interesting as Peter ran them around my body several times. The energy kept moving from one place to the next as if it was evading the release, however, the Rings won out and the energy was released.

The Numerology reading I received from Dora was great in that it spoke to the energetics of the numbers that influence my life. It resonated with me highly and helped me see myself with more clarity.

The PSYCH-K ® balance that Dora facilitated with me was profound because I always had issues with the right side of my head including my eye and ear, and with the re-writing of my Subconscious and bringing the right and left hemisphere of my brain together as one, something significant happened to the well-being of all my entire body. I immediately felt a shift happed within me.

It was a pleasure to be able to join them on New Years day, the sixth day into my divinely guided energy healing, to go on a beautiful and breathtaking nature walk that runs alongside a river that roars with fast moving water and waterfalls.  This was the sixth day into my Divinely guided energy healing with Dora and Peter.

I’m happy to report that the chills in my body and weakness in my feet and the flu I had when I arrived have eased. The issues I was having with the right side of my body from head to toe is now hardly noticeable and my hernia is at its lowest size since I came here.I’m feeling refresh renewed and standing in Divine gratitude to all the guides Angels and to Dora and Peter for making this healing journey a most memorable one. The intention of this testimonial is to inspire others to follow their hearts and allow Divine guidance to light the way to natural healing. Go For Wellness was where I was lead and I am very grateful.

Love and light to you all.