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Mother Nature's gift to us

Herbs and Essential Oils are Mother Nature's gift to us. She provides us with so many healing remedies and she is eager to share her bounty with us. The journey begins with knowledge of plants and their therapeutic properties. And that, is a journey that begins with one step at a time. There is much to learn and we are here to share some of our knowledge and our products as we move along our own learning journey.

"As an Herbalist and certified Aromatherapist it is an honor and privilege to provide safe and natural solutions for any wellness journey". Dora

The world of plant medicine has always been of great interest to Dora and she began to study herbal medicine in the early 2000's and certified in Aromatherapy in 2017. Her home life includes running a herb farm and this is where she passionately produces herbal and wellness products from the plants that grow wild in the fields and the plants that are planted and nurtured over the years.

Calendula, St. John's Wort, Plantain, Yarrow, Mint, oregano.... these are just a few of the amazing plants that are used each year. More are found or introduced as the years go by. Herbal Plant products are a wonderful way to allow mother nature to help support the body for healing. All herbal products made at the farm are infused with the highest intention for healing and are made with loving hands and hearts.

Infused oils are wonderful on their own and powerful as well and they can be used as a carrier oil to bring essential oils to the body or aura. If you are wanting to read more about the difference between infused oils and essential oils, click here.

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