About Us

Go For Wellness Inc. was created in 2013 with the intention of bringing forth wellness information and products in service to others.

Pete and Dora are passionate about supporting wellness and both lost a loved one to Cancer and realize the difficult journey that disease presents to all involved.

Over the years they have built up their wellness business and are honored to offer a TRINITY of energy healing modalities.

  • MIND
    is a powerful modality that assists in quickly re-writing outdated programing stored in the sub-conscious and Dora is a highly skilled facilitator with this modality. With strong knowledge of the Chakra system and the connections to physical and emotional expressions, she is able to quickly hone in to discovering and exploring where the subconscious programming needs to be re-written. This modality uses muscle testing and or dowsing to determine what beliefs are held in the sub-conscious. This process is quick and powerful.
  • BODY
    LIGHT STREAM FREQUENCY HEALING offers clients the opportunity to introduce a frequency for the ailment they are wanting to change. Thousands of frequencies (both RIFE and QUANTUM) are available… Pete is certified in this area and is highly intuitive in his work with this amazing healing modality. The frequencies are delivered to the body gently while the client is laying down or sitting in a comfy chair. The treatment room is set up with soothing music and soft lighting.
    TACHYON CHAMBERis a wonderful place to experience soul work… and connections to the Galactic realm through wormhole technology. Experiences vary based on what is needed. Our team experiences has mostly been a clearing of mental fog.

These three modalities used together are powerful.

Healing Journeys are available with deluxe accommodation at their stunning home which overlooks the pastoral lands, mountains, Alberni Valley and the Inlet. Birds Eye View Retreat was created in honor of our loved one whose dream it was to build the big house with room for guests. It is a wonderful home for travelers and wellness seekers alike.

The gardens that grace the property brings forth lush vegetation including vegetables and herbs. The land also offers up wild herbs each year and they are collected for making herbal wellness products that are available for purchase at the farm.

Dora is certified in Aromatherapy and an active and knowledgeable Herbalist. Making natural wellness products is a passion of hers. And so, doraseden.com was brought into the mix for sharing the Gifts that Mother Nature has to offer up to support good health.

Honoring the call to serve, in the field of supporting wellness, brought all these things forth. They serve with divine guidance as their guiding light.

“Wellness is your birthright and there is no better time than the present to begin your journey toward optimum health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. Our wish for you is to be well and live abundantly. Come grow with us” Pete and Dora