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About Us

About Go For Wellness

Dora and Pete have a long history of sharing wellness information with each other. From as early as the 1970’s they would come together at family visits and when the opportunity presented, they would explore what each was learning about in the field of health and wellness.

Pete was most interested in nutritional and supplemental aspects of health and Dora combined that with a passion for the energetic and spiritual nature of being.

The bridge that brought mind, body and spirit together

The bridge that brought mind, body and spirit together in their sharing was when Pete’s wife Nellie, (Dora’s sister) was diagnosed with Cancer in the summer of 2012. Pete ramped up his research activities and learned all he could about natural cancer treatments. He put together a protocol for her to follow which involved special supplements and a change in nutrition. Dora supported her with metaphysical tools like readings and sharing about the energetic and spiritual aspects of life. A key finding in Pete’s research was the mindset change component to healing. He learned that the people that were healing successfully from cancer were not only changing their diets but also their mindsets. This led him to discover PSYCH-K ® as a powerful tool for changing limiting beliefs that may be stuck in the subconscious mind. He was working on setting up a meeting for Nellie to become involved in this healing modality, but, unfortunately, the cancer had taken a strong hold and was very fast moving; she transitioned to spirit in the spring of 2013.

She left behind a mammoth project, a new home located in a pastoral mountain setting overlooking the valley and inlet below. She had plans for a complete upstairs area to house a 3 bedroom bed and breakfast with a large and fully equipped community room for the guests to enjoy.

Of course, the home would be built but the bed and breakfast was questionable. What to do with all that space was the new question. Dora was working on an online business in the field of wellness and while discussing the options for the space in the new home with Pete one day, they decided it would be logical and fitting to create the space as a Wellness Centre. That was inspirational for Pete to carry on with the mammoth project before him. Currently, the home is set up as a space for people to come and hang their hat while they explore Vancouver Island and/or too enjoy the peace and serenity of the mountain home and environment. The home is also a home away from home for Wellness students to reside while studying at Windsong College in Port Alberni.

The Creation of Go For Wellness, Inc.

And so, in the winter of 2013, Pete and Dora joined together as business partners and created Go For Wellness Inc. This business incorporates both the physical space and the online aspect of the business and is, like life, forever changing to meet the needs of the people that come. New research is constantly coming out that supports a complete turnaround from reliance on invasive and harmful remedies toward more natural and inner driven approaches to wellness.


As life partners as well as business partners, these two are passionate about promoting the best of the best in wellness. They see this as their life work and are grateful for all the opportunities that present for them to conduct research and share valuable information about building health and wellness. Pete continues to research and Dora, with her background in publishing, continues to create written content and videos to bring out the information in a practical and easy to follow manner. Their skills and interests complement each other beautifully. The wellness centre is a place of gathering as well as a place for people to come to benefit from various healing therapies. The online business is an extension of this, allowing anyone to access the wellness modalities and information that they present.

They invite you to grow with them and embrace wellness by tapping into the news and options for healing naturally.

“Wellness is your birthright and there is no better time than the present to begin your journey toward optimum health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. Our wish for you is to be well and live abundantly. Come grow with us” Pete and Dora