Wellness Modalities and Facilitators

Harmonic Rhythms

Lori and Shirley are Energy Healing Facilitators. As they work together and tune into your higher self. This allows the information on the most appropriate healing modality or modalities to use for clearing and balancing energy. They offer a reset to the energy field by using a variety of powerful tools.

PSYCH-K®with Dora

PSYCH-K® is a non-invasion, simple process that assists in changing out-dated and limiting beliefs that are stored in the sub-conscious mind. It is powerful and it transcends many standard methods of transformative change. With PSYCH-K® changes can be made quickly and effectively in the areas of behavioural change and wellness.

Reiki with Carolina

Reiki is a Energy  Healing technique that can be utilized Hands On or Long Distance that channels Universal Energy into the recipient to activate their own natural healing process in the physical, emotional and spiritual level to promote well-being.Carolina Acosta Guadarrama has been a Reiki Master and Practitioner for many years.


Herbs and Essential oils are wonderful companions in the wellness journey. They can be used as prevention as well as for healing. Our resident Herbalist and Certified Aromatherapist specializes in Facilitating Energy Healing and combines plant energy to support wellness naturally.

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Your personal numerology chart is a blueprint of who you are and describes your behavior in certain situations, indicates your strengths and weaknesses and helps you to understand what hurdles you need to overcome in order to improve your life and be happy and joyful.

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