Wellness Modalities and Facilitators


PSYCH-K® is a non-invasion, simple process that assists in changing out-dated and limiting beliefs that are stored in the sub-conscious mind. It is powerful and it transcends many standard methods of transformative change. With PSYCH-K® changes can be made quickly and effectively in the areas of behavioural change and wellness.


Herbs and Essential oils are wonderful companions in the wellness journey. They can be used as prevention as well as for healing. Our resident Herbalist and Certified Aromatherapist specializes in Facilitating Energy Healing and combines plant energy to support wellness naturally.

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Gifts from Nature

Natural herbal products are an amazing way to support wellness. And each spring and summer, Mother Nature gives up her bounty for us to harvest for our good health throughout the year. We are honored to offer up amazing and safe natural products at our Farm. Click in for dates we will be open, or, register for news and we will drop a note in your email.


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